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"Happiness has many roots, but none more important than security."

E. R. Stettinius, U.S. Secretary of State (1900-1949).

Safety and security are important contributors to a feeling of well-being. On a global level - and on the level of everyday life. But at the same time we do not want excessive monitoring or the use of force.

As sensible men and women we would prefer to defuse a potential conflict before it escalates out of control. Calming the situation down and avoiding letting things get nasty is almost always the best solution.

And that is precisely where Merlinia Assistance can help.

Assistance is a software program which, when installed on the PCs in a local network, ensures that you and your co-workers can be each others' "assistants" and provide help in situations that threaten to develop into something unpleasant. A single keystroke on an ordinary PC keyboard is all that's needed to indicate that someone needs assistance.

Assistance is primarily used by people who work in jobs where potentially unpleasant situations are likely to develop: social workers, people who dispense money, etc. Any company or organization that employs people who interact with dissatisfied clients can use Assistance. And in each office or workplace it is of course up to the individual employee whether they want to use the program in any given situation.

Depending on the situation, Merlinia Assistance may be just as good as an external security service or an alarm system. Assistance provides the everyday element of security from knowing that one's colleagues are always close by - and ready to assist.

Assistance has been tried and proven - read "Merlinia Assistance Background".

Our logo carries a message...


Merlinia Assistance logo


It may not be obvious, but the Assistance logo carries a message:
"There's someone behind you, ready to back you up."


"Merlinia Assistance Background" - the story about the origin of this program.



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