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Merlinia Assistance Background

Why Assistance?

Merlinia Assistance was originally developed by the IT dept. of a "kommune" (county) in Denmark to solve a problem that occasionally arose in the social services dept. Misunderstandings and disagreements about the level of social help available could sometimes result in undesirable situations, situations that could escalate and get out of hand if not properly defused.

Of course, defusing a possible conflict before it gets out of hand is best for everyone involved, both the employee who was getting worried and the client who would certainly regret his/her actions afterwards if frustration had been allowed to get out of control.

How Assistance works (briefly)

From the technical point of view, Merlinia Assistance is a network-based program that allows an employee to discretely request assistance from several other employees in the building. The setup is individual, but typically a request for assistance involves holding the Esc key on the keyboard down for three seconds. This works irrespective of which Windows program currently "has focus", i.e., the Esc key is a "global hotkey". Alternatively, holding both mouse buttons down can be used to request assistance. The "responders" are notified via a message that pops up on their PC screen, or via an SMS sent to their mobile telephone.

But Merlinia Assistance is more than just a technical solution. Together with the software you receive a guide book with a set of procedures that outlines how to deal with undesirable situations in a way that minimizes the chances of things developing into serious conflicts. For example, the employee who responds to a request for assistance should typically pretend that he just showed up by chance because he needed some papers in the office, papers that are difficult to find and require his presence for a longer period of time.

Alternative procedures? Click here.

Do you ever get friendly visitors like this at your office?

Then you need Merlinia Assistance!

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