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How to defuse a potential conflict situation

Merlinia Assistance is a technical tool to alert employees that a coworker is worried about a situation. The best way to handle the situation depends on the circumstances. Here are some possible examples:

The telephone rings - The first step in defusing many potential conflict situations is for someone to simply telephone the coworker. Certain phrases can have special meanings in the following artificial conversation, allowing the coworker to indicate the seriousness of the situation.

Papers filed in the office are needed - An employee knocks on the door and enters and apologizes that he needs some papers urgently. These papers may be difficult to find so the employee remains in the office for a while, or else the papers are found but the employee "forgets" to close the door behind him when he leaves.

Time for a coffee break - The door opens and an employee enters with a cup of coffee. "Sorry, I didn't realize you had a visitor. Here's your coffee."

In short, any kind of "interruption" is often enough to defuse a potential conflict situation. It is also useful to avoid unnecessarily provoking the belligerent person, allowing him or her to gracefully back down.

Hello! I just dropped by to ask if you'd like a cup of coffee?


Coffee cup

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