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Merlinholm Systems (Denmark) ApS was founded. At that time we were the internal IT service group in the Falconholm International group of companies, which at that time had about 150 employees.


The program WhoWhere was developed for Ravenholm Computing, which was part of the Falconholm group at that time.


The decision was made to make WhoWhere into a commercial product. The name of the program was changed to OutBack (Who's out - and who's back).


OutBack version 1.0 was released! This version of OutBack was integrated with Microsoft Exchange Server, but only to administer the users, i.e., no calendar integration.


1 January 2000 arrived and passed without any of the catastrophies predicted by the Y2K doomsayers. OutBack version 1.1 was released, providing support for other data stores with user information, and with multiple language (Danish and English) support in the clients. We also acquired the rights to a program called Compona, an Outlook add-on that allowed users to view multiple calendars together.


OutBack version 1.2 included PBX integration with the Alcatel 4400 system. This version also incuded a certain amount of calendar integration with Microsoft Outlook. Compona was also updated to a new version.


The name of the company was changed to Merlinia (Denmark) ApS, and OutBack version 2.0 was released. New in this version was comprehensive calendar support for both Outlook/Exchange and for Lotus Domino. The Compona product was discontinued because all of the functionality was now available in Microsoft Office XP and/or in OutBack.


OutBack version 2.1 was released with many improvements, and we sold our first 1000-client OutBack licenses. We acquired the rights to a program called Nysted Secure, and made a branded version of this product, KMD Secure. At the end of 2003 we released OutBack version 2.2 with support for the Alcatel OmniPCX Office system via TAPI.


Major internal changes were made to OutBack to make future expansion simpler. Several major new customers were signed up with up to 1000 clients per system. The Nysted/KMD Secure product was also completely re-written in preparation for re-launch as a whole new product: Merlinia Assistance.


OutBack version 3.0 was launched with, among other new features, support for mobile telephones via an SMS gateway. Merlinia Assistance 4.0, a complete re-write of the product with many new features, was released. OutBack 3.1 was also made available - it contains Sonofon StatusPlan support and support for InfoCenter Link and TAPI support in parallel for the Alcatel Enterprise PBX.


Merlinia Assistance was made available in version 4.1, with the inclusion of a screen-saver function for those organizations that require PCs to have a screen-saver running when the PC is not being used. Merlinia OutBack was released in version 3.2 with major improvements in calendar support. Also, Merlinia became a member of the Avaya DeveloperConnect program and became a Microsoft Certified Partner.

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