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OutBack with Alcatel PBXs

OutBack integration with Alcatel PBXs: When providing The best in customer service is important

Alcatel's state-of-the-art PBXs and Merlinia's advanced and innovative OutBack software make it possible to provide a level of customer service that will set your company apart from your competitors.

The Alcatel OmniPCX lines

Alcatel makes two lines of PBXs: The medium-sized Alcatel OmniPCX Office line and the larger Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise (4400) line. Merlinia OutBack can integrate with both of the Alcatel PBX systems.

OutBack provides an especially exciting solution for OmniPCX Office users by implementing a complete PC-based switchboard for the telephone receptionist. In fact, with OutBack it is feasible to have as many telephone receptionists as you want - or even to allow every employee to act as a telephone receptionist!

What's more, a single OutBack system can connect to multiple Alcatel PBXs. So if you have several PBXs at branch offices you can still provide all of your employees, and especially all of your telephone receptionists, with a combined view of everyone in the whole company.

IP telephony

Alcatel is a world leader in the field of IP telephony. This is an economic advantage for connecting to very small branch offices and for work-at-home employees.

Alcatel's Applications Partner program

Merlinia is a member of the Alcatel Applications Partner program, which means that we have the best conditions for integrating our OutBack product with Alcatel's PBXs.

System requirements

Merlinia OutBack can be integrated with both the Alcatel OmniPCX Office system or the Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise (4400) system.

Alcatel OmniPCX Office

In order to integrate OutBack with an OmniPCX Office PBX you must obtain a TAPI 2.1 license from Alcatel. This software must be run on a Windows 2000 server which is on the same network as the OutBack server.

OutBack provides a complete PC-based switchboard for the OmniPCX Office. You can purchase one, two, or as many of the OutBack CBS (Computer Based Switchbaord) clients as you want.

Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise (4400)

Integrating OutBack with an OmniPCX Enterprise (4400) PBX is a bit more complicated. From Alcatel you must obtain their SBC (Software Based Console) feature and an InfoLink connection. The system is then configured as shown below:

Alcatel 4400 diagram

The OutBack Server is connected to the Alcatel 4400 via a serial port. Maximum cable length is 10 m, unless a pair of TA adapters are used. It is also possible to use a multi-port serial adapter.

The computer used by the switchboard operator must be capable of running both the Alcatel SBC program and the OutBack Client program. You need to purchase one OutBack CBS client for each Alcatel SBC that is to be OutBack-enabled.

The OutBack server can be connected to multiple Alcatel 4400 PBXs if you configure the server with enough serial adapters.

Alternatively, you can use TAPI with the Alcatel 4400. This simplifies the configuration and lets you use OutBack's CBS (Computer Based Switchboard) instead of Alcatel's SBC, but using TAPI is usually more expensive than using Alcatel's SBC and the InfoLink connection.


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For more information about obtaining an Alcatel-Lucent PBX and the features needed for integration with Merlinia OutBack you should contact an authorized Alcatel dealer.




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