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OutBack with Cisco CallManager Express

OutBack integration with Cisco CallManager Express: The most advanced IT-telephony system for small businesses

Cisco CallManager Express provides IP-telephony without the need for additional hardware - the system is implemented inside a Cisco router. You may even have a Cisco router already that is compatible with the CallManager Express product.

Adding Merlinia OutBack to the system is simple, and provides various kinds of advanced functionality.

A complete PC console for the receptionist

The telephone receptionist uses OutBack to perform all switchboard functions. In addition, the receptionist uses OutBack to find employees by name or department or any information available in the company's employee database, typically Microsoft Active Directory.

OutBack also provides calendar integration (Microsoft Exchange/Outlook and/or Lotus Domino/Notes) so the receptionist can see if the employee should be present or not. And in addition to calendar integration OutBack provides its unique manual indication of presence or absence to handle lunch breaks, ad-hoc meetings, etc.

The OutBack switchboard functions can be provided for one, two, or as many employees as desired. You can even choose to provide switchboard functionality for all of the employees.

Cisco CME + Merlinia OutBack + SMS Gateway

Combining a Cisco CallManager Express system with Merlinia OutBack and the OutBack SMS Gateway provides an advanced integration with mobile telephones. Employees who are on the road can easily provide indications of when they are (or are not) available for receiving calls.

The desk telephone can also be controlled from the mobile telephone, so the desk phone can be placed in "forward calls" or "do not disturb" mode. And all of the employees can compose and send SMS messages on their PC, a major convenience.

More information about the OutBack SMS Gateway can be found here.

Other advantages

Integrating Cisco CallManager Express and Merlinia OutBack provides several other advantages for the employees. For example, "click-to-call" functionality, pop-up windows showing the caller's number when the telephone rings, and the ability to see if a coworker is busy on the telephone.

System requirements

There are no special requirements beyond those needed to install Cisco CallManager Express and those needed by Merlinia OutBack (see here).

Note that Merlinia OutBack is not certified or approved by Cisco.

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