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Download OutBack

Download and try OutBack

You are very welcome to download a complete working copy of Merlinia OutBack and test it for yourself. The only restriction is that the maximum number of clients is limited to five.

OutBack is a true client-server program, and the optimal way to evaluate it, is to install the server portion on one PC and the client portion on several other PCs.

Request a demo license

If you want to test OutBack in a more realistic way, Merlinia is pleased to offer a demo license free of charge, just for the asking. This license will provide full functionality, but will expire after a month.

Please send your request to, indicating the name of your company, the number of clients wanted and the extra facilities wanted (Exchange/Outlook connector, Lotus Domino connector, SMS Gateway, Web server connector, PBX integration, etc.)

To download OutBack...

... just click on the link below. Save the file in a temporary folder and then right-click and select Extract All... (It is a ZIP file).

The necessary documentation is included in the download.

Merlinia OutBack 4.0  (Entire system - 12 MB)

What's been changed?

Merlinia updates OutBack from time to time, both major version updates, minor version updates, and incremental bug-fix updates.


Click here to see what's been changed in OutBack recently.



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If you prefer to download files using FTP you are welcome to visit our FTP server.

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