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Merlinia OutBack License Guide


OutBack is licensed using a concurrent licensing model. This means that only active users at any given time need a license. E.g. if a company has 100 employees that all need OutBack, but there are never more than 90 logged in at any time, the company only needs 90 licenses. In this situation users number 91, 92 etc. would be denied access until other users log off.

Adding licenses

When adding licenses to an existing installation, the customer buys the additional licenses at the license interval determined by the total amount of licenses. E.g. if a customer originally bought 50 licenses and later wants to add 20 new licenses, he buys the 20 new licenses on level 50-99. If he later buys an additional 30 licenses, those are bought at level 100-249.

Maintenance Agreements

OutBack licenses include 1 (one) year of maintenance counted from the last day of the month in which they were bought. E.g. the maintenance for a license bought on 10 July 2008, expires on 31 July 2009.

Subsequently, maintenance can be renewed for a fee (at the moment 20% of total current license price). In the period where maintenance is active, and only then, the customer is entitled to new versions, updates and patches free of charge, as well as technical support via e-mail and/or telephone. On-site assistance, installation help, training, etc. is not included in the maintenance.

When renewing maintenance, it must be done for all components that make up the OutBack solution.

Maintenance for all licenses must always have the same expiration date, determined by the latest license purchase. E.g. if a customer buys 100 licenses in January 2008 and then buys additional 20 licenses in July 2008 then the customer must also buy maintenance for the initial 100 licenses for 6 months. The maintenance for all 120 licenses will then expire at the end of July 2009.

Maintenance that has expired can always be renewed and must be renewed from the last expiry date. For example, if maintenance expires on 31 August 2009 and a customer decides to buy maintenance on 15 November 2009 then he pays for 1 year maintenance till 31 August 2010 (and not till 30 November 2010).

If maintenance expired more than 12 months ago an upgrade license can be bought for 50% of price of a new license.



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