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Merlinia OutBack now running at three Danish kommuner

The number of Danish kommuner (county administrations) running Merlinia OutBack as an alarm system has increased to three. Of special interest is the fact that the newest customer has chosen to run the system with only Android client devices (no PCs), and that they are all connected using the mobile telephone network, not Wi-Fi. This means that the employees who carry these devices with them can use them everywhere.

Posted by: Rennie Petersen       Date: 20 February, 2016


OutBack 5.4 beta version now available - part 2

OutBack 5.4 also contains major improvements in the programming “infrastructure”. These do not provide usability enhancements, but make future development and maintenance of the product much simpler.

There are a couple of temporary restrictions in the current build of OutBack 5.4: The promised Apple iPhone app is not yet complete, the Calendar Connector feature has been temporarily removed, and the documentation has not yet been updated.

Current OutBack customers, and others, are welcome to download and try out this beta version of OutBack – feedback is most welcome.

Posted by: Rennie Petersen       Date: 17 October, 2016


OutBack 5.4 beta version now available - part 1   

Finally! A (somewhat preliminary) beta version of Merlinia OutBack version 5.4 is now available, on Merlinia’s FTP server:

OutBack 5.4 contains several major enhancements compared with version 5.3:

1. Most interesting for customers using OutBack as an alarm system are changes that make it much easier to configure the system for users who have changing workplaces. A “request type” can now be associated with a “standard location”, so users automatically are registered to a different request type when they change their location. This also works for the potential responders too, of course – when a potential responder changes his/her location then subscription to request types will also be changed automatically.

2. Also for customers using OutBack as an alarm system, the display showing which users are potential responders for the different request types has been redesigned and improved so that the situation is much easier to understand. In particular, OutBack now indicates exactly why a potential responder is not, in fact, considered to be a potential responder when that is the case.

3. There is a new facility that allows superusers to create user groups and to specify that certain settings are automatically applied to the members of a user group. This makes it easier to administer the OutBack system, making it unnecessary to visit each PC to create the desired configuration, and avoids the possibility of a user accidentally changing an important setting in a way that could counteract the desired functionality.

4. OutBack Server can now be “hosted” in “the cloud”, for example on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. This can be an advantage for some customers, and makes it possible for Merlinia to provide almost all maintenance and configuration of the OutBack system, if the customer prefers to do it that way.

Posted by: Rennie Petersen       Date: 17 October, 2016

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