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OutBack Overview

"We must use time as a tool, not as a crutch."

John F. Kennedy, American President (1917 - 1963)

OutBack is about time and people. How much time is needed to find the right person in your company when a customer calls? How much time is lost when telephone calls are routed to telephones that are not answered? How much time is wasted when employees walk down the hall to talk to a coworker and find an empty office?

OutBack is also about information. How much more efficiently could your company function if the telephone receptionist, and everyone else, could find an employee based on his/her skills, job description, department name, product competences, etc.?

In/out board plus employee information system

OutBack is an example of a new kind of program that combines the classical in out board function with an employee information center. A company's employees are the most valuable asset, so it makes sense to enhance the ability to connect customers to employees and employees with each other.

Professional service

It may be impossible for a receptionist (or a person in a similar job) to keep track of the accessibility and responsibilities of each employee. It is difficult to avoid situations where someone that calls is directed to the wrong employee or department. Mistakes of this kind waste time for both your coworkers and customers, and may even result in lost sales.

If you think it's important that everyone who calls your company receives professional service and a good experience, then OutBack is the solution that will help you create and maintain a professional image of your company.

When a customer calls your company...

Telephone much time does it take...


...before the right employee is handling the call?

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