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OutBack SMS Gateway

Mobile telephone integration via SMS's

Many companies experience that their employees are becoming more and more mobile. This has certain advantages, but it also means that it is more difficult to keep track of employees' whereabouts and to keep all of the employees working together as a team.

Features of the SMS Gateway

The OutBack SMS Gateway makes it possible for an employee to use his/her mobile telephone to provide status information to OutBack.

Employees can also query their coworkers' (or their own) OutBack status by sending an SMS to OutBack. The information is returned via an SMS, of course.

In an OutBack system with telephone system integration an employee can also change the status of his/her desk telephone by sending an SMS to OutBack. For example, the desk telephone can be changed from "do not disturb" status to "forward calls to specified number".

A by-product of the SMS Gateway facility is that anybody can send an SMS to any mobile telephone anywhere in the world from his/her PC using the OutBack client program. Sending an SMS in this way is much easier and faster than entering the message on the small keys on a mobile telephone.

How it works

All you have to do is compose a simple text command and send it to OutBack as an SMS message. If you can't remember the commands just send H (for help) and OutBack will return a two-part SMS with a list of all of the valid commands.


For example, here's a an OutBack SMS command saying that all calls to the desk telephone should be forwarded to 555-3674:

(In reality the telephone system will probably require that a "0" or a "1" or a "9" be placed in front of the telephone number.)

Here's an OutBack SMS command requesting the status (location, etc.) of the coworker who has telephone extension 460, and the response to that query:


Advantages of using the SMS Gateway

The OutBack SMS Gateway provides a way of "re-integrating" mobile employees with the rest of the team, and of giving mobile employees the power to change the status of their desk telephone.

The ability to easily send an SMS from any PC running OutBack is another advantage of the SMS Gateway.

How do mobile telephones work?

Mobile telephones are also called cellular phones or just "cell phones". The reason for this is that the system uses a large number of radio stations, each of which services a geographical area referred to as a "cell".

Here's a web site that has a good explanation how cellular telephone systems work:







They say that mobile telephones are no longer a technical tool but a fashion statement!


OutBack doesn't care if your mobile telephone twists or flips or can record video, as long as it can send and receive SMS's.

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