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Why OutBack - A Tale of Two Telephone Calls

Imagine that you are calling two companies. You have received offers from Eric Smith at Black & Co. and John Baker at White & Sons, but you have not yet decided who is going to be your supplier.

If Eric Smith is not at his desk

At Black & Co. your call is put through to Eric Smith, but he doesn't answer. You are returned to the friendly person at the switchboard who asks if you want to talk to someone else. You don't know anyone at Black & Co. so you ask for "someone from Eric Smith's department".

"Technical Services" says the person who answers. You explain that Eric Smith has sent you an offer and you have some questions. You are told that you have the wrong number, because Eric Smith is probably in "Technical Sales" - not "Technical Services".

Back at the switchboard the friendly voice apologizes for the wrong number and explains that her directory doesn't show any difference between "Technical Sales" and "Technical Services".

The third time your call is forwarded you are told that Eric Smith is at extension number 124 and you have called 129. You explain to Eric Smith's colleague that Eric Smith doesn't answer, but that you would like to know when he will be available.

The colleague offers to look around to see if Eric Smith is in a meeting. After some minutes you are told that Eric Smith can't be found, but that he probably is around somewhere. Nine minutes after you made your call you settle for leaving a message.

If John Baker is not at his desk

At White & Sons the telephone receptionist informs you that John Baker is in Moscow and offers to put you through either to his mobile telephone or to his colleague Liz Brown, who is handling his responsibilities while he is away. 30 seconds after you made your call you are talking to a person who is able to help you.

Food for thought?

Which company has the best chance of getting the contract? Which company does yours resemble the most? Where was Eric Smith? When will he return the call? Can White & Sons win the contract even if their product isn’t the best? How vital is good telephone service to the success and image of a company?

Reality isn't black or white

Of course, reality isn't just black and white, and office life may seem gray at times, but in the long run the kind of telephone service your company provides does make a difference. So does employee satisfaction and productivity.

Merlinia OutBack is a PC-based in/out board and employee information system that will allow your company to improve customer service and office productivity. Furthermore, the additional information available about all of the employees makes office life easier and increases employee satisfaction.

Are you interested?

There's more information about OutBack available on this web site, starting with a downloadable brochure that can be obtained here.

Calling Black & Co.


9 minutes!

Smiley Where is Eric Smith?






Calling White & Sons


30 seconds!

Smiley Now, that's service!

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