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Telenor Statusplan via Merlinia OutBack

Mobile telephone integration the Telenor way!

Sonofon has developed several cutting-edge techniques for integrating mobile telephones with a company's IT and telephone systems. One of the Telenor technologies, Telenor Statusplan, is supported by Merlinia OutBack.

How Telenor Statusplan works

OutBack's integration with Statusplan provides two services:

  1. OutBack can show the status of each employee's mobile telephone. Specifically, it can be seen if the mobile telephone is turned on or not, and if the employee is talking on the telephone.
  2. The mobile telephones get an extra menu installed. This menu provides commands to tell OutBack what the employee's current activities are, for example a short meeting, gone for lunch, etc. If OutBack is integrated with the company's telephone system then this can be used to control the employee's desk telephone.

Displaying the mobile telephone status

With Telenor Statusplan integration, OutBack's data grid is extended to include an additional icon for each employee who has a mobile telephone. The icon will be one of the following:

Mobile turned off

This icon indicates that this person's mobile telephone is turned off. So it is not a good idea to forward calls to this mobile telephone.

Mobile available

This icon indicates that this mobile telephone is turned on and in contact with the mobile telephone network. Forwarding a call to this mobile telephone is probably OK.

Mobile in use

Here you see the icon that shows that someone is talking on the telephone. So in this situation it is probably not a good idea to forward a call to the employee's mobile telephone.  

Updating your OutBack status via Telenor Statusplan

As mentioned above, part of the Statusplan concept is that an extra menu is added to the mobile telephone, via the SIM card. This makes it very easy for the employee to specify that he/she is in a meeting, at lunch, has gone home, is sick or else is not engaged in any activity.

These menu commands are used by OutBack to set a status message that can be seen by all of the employees in the company, and in particular by the telephone receptionist.

The employee can also query his/her status from the mobile telephone in order to check that things are working properly.

Desk telephone

If OutBack is integrated with the company's telephone system, then the possibilities become very exciting! The status messages that you send from the mobile telephone can control the employee's desk telephone! For example, you can set the desk telephone in "do not disturb" status, or set it to forward calls to another telephone number - the obvious possibility being the mobile telephone.


The fine print:

Telenor Statusplan integration with OutBack is an extra-cost option from Merlinia, and requires a special subscription from Telenor for each mobile telephone that is to be used with Statusplan.

The current implementation of Statusplan does not immediately detect that a mobile telephone has been turned off or is not in contact with the mobile telephone system, for example while riding in an elevator. Consult Telenor for details.

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Statusplan icons are here:

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Why Telenor?


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Telenor is not just a mobile telephone operator - they also develop new technologies for use with wireless communications.

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