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OutBack Video Presentation - Improving Customer Service

How Merlinia OutBack helps the busy telephone receptionist and improves customer service

This video covers the features of OutBack that a telephone receptionist uses, and shows how use of OutBack results in improved customer service. OutBack makes the telephone receptionist much more efficient and provides her with all the information and tools that she needs.

This video clip is 4 minutes 14 seconds, and is an 11.3 MB download. The video starts automatically after download - the amount of time will depend on bandwidth, etc.



Employee status icons

The left-most column of the OutBack employee information grid shows one or more icons, indicating the employees' status at a glance.

Employee status at a glance

Here the receptionist can quickly see if the employee is available to take a call, if his/her PC is logged in to the system, if he/she is talking on the telephone, etc.

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