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OutBack PBX Integration

OutBack with PBX integration - the ultimate tool for the telephone receptionist!

Your telephone receptionist will be able to provide the best possible service to people who call your company when she knows where everyone is and when they'll be back. And if he/she needs to find an employee, OutBack has all the necessary employee information and an easy-to-use search facility.

When OutBack is integrated with the telephone PBX the receptionist's job is practically automated. Whenever he/she enters a local telephone number for an employee who has indicated his/her absence, the routing of the telephone call is blocked and the employee's OutBack status message is highlighted. No more calls routed to telephones that just ring and ring and ...

Similarly, when the telephone receptionist does an OutBack search and has found the correct employee, it's just a matter of hitting a key to route the pending telephone call to that employee's local extension - or to the employee's mobile telephone.

Remember, your telephone receptionist provides the first impression of your company to potential customers, and first impressions are important!

More than just "calendar integration"...

Competing systems provide calendar integration for the telephone switchboard, but OutBack provides a more extensive "presence and availability management" tool. With OutBack your telephone receptionist won't route telephone calls to employees who are at lunch or who have left their office for a short ad-hoc meeting.

OutBack can also be set up so that when an employee indicates that he/she is not available, that the employee's telephone is automatically put into "do not disturb" status, or an automatic forwarding of calls to another number is established. And all of this is done via a user-friendly interface. No more entering of cryptic codes on the telephone set.


It's not just the telephone receptionist who gains functionality when OutBack is integrated with the company's telephone system. There are several advantages for the employees as well.

For example, employees can make use of "click-to-call", a real time-saver. Just highlight a telephone number on the screen and press two keys to place a call to that telephone number!

Other advantages (depending on the telephone system) include a pop-up window showing the caller's telephone number when the telephone rings, the ability to change the telephone's status to "forward calls" or "do not disturb" depending on the OutBack message set, and the ability to see if a coworker is busy talking on the telephone.

Supported PBXs

The current version of OutBack supports the following PBXs:

  -Alcatel OmniPCX Office - medium-sized systems

  -Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise (4400) - larger systems

  -Avaya IP Office - medium-sized systems

  - Samsung OfficeServ

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