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Yet Another WiX Tutorial

How to use this tutorial

This tutorial consists of five pages, plus an introduction and some "snapshots" of files. (Only four pages formatted and uploaded so far.)

Most of the tutorial is a very detailed step-by-step guide to creating various kinds of functionality in WiX. This is for people who are just starting with WiX - there is nothing very advanced here. This tutorial covers much less territory than the one by Gábor DEÁK JAHN (, but it goes into a lot more detail and does cover a few things I couldn't find in Gábor's tutorial.

Note also that this tutorial assumes that you will work with WiX 2.0 via SharpDevelop 2.1.

There are no sample files, as such, but at various points throughout the tutorial there are "snapshots" of what some of the files will contain at that point.

You can choose to go slavishly through the tutorial (although I have not yet provided any files to simulate the program files necessary). Or, more likely, you can go to work on one of your own projects and use this tutorial as inspiration as to how to tackle the job.

Good luck. :-)


Part 0 - Introduction

Part 1 - An MSI with no UI

Part 2 - Adding the UI

Part 3 - Extending the UI

Part 4 - Features, etc.



Rennie Petersen, April 2007

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