Office sites, building plans and floor plans

The office floor plan facility provides the ability to create an office sites map diagram, one or more building plan diagrams (one for each office site), and one or more floor plan diagrams. The implication is that there is a three-level hierarchy for the office floor plan facility's diagrams.

These three kinds of diagrams allow the use of background images which can provide additional visual clues, making them easier to understand and use.

The office sites map diagram is a simple diagram with one node for each office site. (For a small company there will typically only be one.) A map can be used as a background image, making it possible to place the office sites correctly according to their geographic locations.

The building plan diagram(s) provide an intermediate level between the office sites and the actual floor plans. Here one would typically use an aerial photograph or a satellite image of the office area as a background image, making it possible to visualize how multiple floor plans are located at the office site. In the case of a multi-story building, the building plan can have multiple levels, each with one or more floor plans positioned.

Finally, the floor plan diagrams themselves will show things like external and internal walls, partitions and office areas (offices, meeting rooms, etc.). For this kind of diagram it will be an advantage to use an architectural drawing as the background image, making it easy to draw the walls accurately.

Once the floor plan diagrams are created they can be used to keep track of where employees are located. Each employee can specify which office area he/she is currently located in, and privileged users such as receptionists can specify this information for the employees who have not done it themselves. This makes it possible for OutBack, and the receptionist, to know exactly where everyone is - assuming of course that the location information is kept up to date.

This area-based user location information is shown visually by displaying employee nodes on the floor plan diagrams, including a small picture of the employee if available. It can also be shown as textual information for each OutBack user in the Users Panel, i.e., the name or number of the office area that each user is located in is shown.

The following screen shots should give an idea of how this facility can be used:

OfficeSitesMap withNodes

BuildingPlan London

FloorPlan PlaceUser