Microsoft Exchange Server Connector

Merlinia OutBack has an Exchange Connector module that can fetch information about each OutBack user's Microsoft Outlook calendar appointments, assuming the customer's IT department has set things up so this is allowed. This information then becomes a part of the OutBack user's status information, so the telephone receptionist knows when the user is (probably) at a meeting or, if not at a meeting, is (presumably) available to take telephone calls. It also allows other OutBack users to know what their coworkers are doing and where they are, which can result in a reduction of lost time when employees are trying to find each other.

If a calendar appointment includes location information, and if the specified location conforms to one of the "standard locations" defined for the OutBack system, then the calendar appointments can also influence the "request-and-respond" facility. This means that for users with non-fixed work locations it is possible for the user's request type to change automatically, so activating an alarm during the morning results in one kind of alarm, and activating an alarm during the afternoon results in a different alarm.