OutBack for Android app

The OutBack for Android app provides a subset of the facilities implemented in the OutBack Windows client. It communicates with the company's OutBack Server module via Wi-Fi or cellular network. If only Wi-Fi is to be used, and if the Android device is not being used as a telephone, then no SIM card or mobile telephone subscription is needed.

The following screenshots should give a good idea of what can be done when using OutBack for Android. Here is the main display, showing your current status, and providing buttons for the various services:

panel main en

Employee information

panel set status simple en

This provides a way to quickly set your status.

panel set status detailed en

This is for a more detailed way to set your status.

panel set location en

With this display you can set your location.

panel show floor plan en

With this display you can set your location via a floor plan.

panel query user info en

You can also query another user's status.

Employee security

panel requests en

This shows how a request (an alarm) can be activated. Note the options that make it possible to use the device as a wireless alarm activator in situations where activating an alarm should be done in a non-obvious way. For example, the device can be placed on the meeting table, with the display turned off. If a situation becomes threatening the user can "accidentally" happen to place a piece of paper on top of the device - that will activate the alarm, without any indication in the meeting room of it having been done.

panel responder query en

If an OutBack user who is configured as being a "responder" for a certain alarm type is connected to the system with an Android device, here is how the alarm is shown. This display, and an alarm sound, occurs even if the device is being used otherwise, or if the display is turned off and the device is idle.


Unlike all of the other parts of Merlinia OutBack, which are distributed together in one large .zip file, the OutBack for Android app needs to be downloaded and installed separately. The latest version can be found on Google Play (click here). Older versions (and the latest version) can be found on the Downloads page.